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Lunch Wired is Updating our Individual Ordering Platform

Lunch Wired is thrilled to announce our new ordering platform featuring our Individual Menu.

We listened to your feedback, and completely agree! Our old platform was clunky and not user-friendly and we knew it had to go. It took some time, but we are excited to finally be a part of the 21st century! Our new platform is easy to understand and very user-friendly and works seamlessly on both desktops and mobile devices.

What does this mean for you?

Our new minimum order amount for our Individual Menu is now $15 down from $100! Even better, you can now order Family Meals to be delivered outside of our Community Drop Off locations! We’re making it easier for you to order lunch at work or at home and bring home dinner for your family all at a click of a button.

Here’s the best part, we are now able to pass along a smaller delivery fee to you! Deliveries will start at $3.95 and go up to $8.95, depending on your distance from the store. Check out our delivery radius below to see if you are in our area.

If you are not in the area, please call us and we will help figure out a way to get you your delicious Sammiches! Just a friendly reminder, we are still offering pick up and curbside with no minimum.

How Will this work?

Now you will be able to order on demand and get a delivery ASAP. Simply place an order online and we will get at notification at our store. We’ll send you a notification when your order is ready and your delivery window. Now, you can get a Sammich for lunch and bring home one of our Family Meals for and easy and delicious dinner!

And when we said the new ordering portal is user-friendly, we meant it. Feast your eyes on that sleek, uncluttered page.

Did we mention you can also order directly from our Instagram and Facebook page? We all know not to scroll on an empty stomach! Just look at that delectable Sammich. And those oh so crispy chips. And that mac n' cheese? Where's my phone...

A Few Things to Note:

  • If you are part of our Community Drop Offs, you will still be able to get your weekly deliveries when you order here.

  • If you get a notification saying you are out of our delivery area, please call (303) 835-7988 x1. We can still get a delivery out to you.

  • If you notice something isn’t working, please give us a call at (303) 835-7988 x1 or send an email to We might run into some kinks with the new system and appreciate your patience and feedback!

  • If you are wanting to place a catering order, please visit our catering portal, email, or call our Catering Hotline at (720) 633-9058. Note, our catering menu minimums and delivery charges will remain the same.

  • For a limited time, we will be offering a $3 discount your first order when you create an account (minimum of $15) so act fast! This discount cannot be used with any other discounts and will be applied directly to your account.


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