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We understand the unique challenges you face when planning corporate events, and we're here to make it a breeze. Lunch Wired’s goal is to make your event a success no matter the size, meeting type or theme by providing top-tier corporate catering services. Our Catering Concierge & dedicated Culinary team will always present you with delicious, creative & budget-friendly ideas. 


Our dishes are hand-crafted from the highest quality, freshest ingredients in our own professional kitchen. Our Wired Delivery Team makes sure every order is delivered on-time, directly to your location. Add it all up and our delicious meals have earned us the loyalty of some of the largest corporate clients in the area!

Why Choose Lunch Wired for Your Corporate Catering Needs?

Hassle-Free Planning: Tired of juggling catering details while managing your corporate event? We've got you covered, ensuring a smooth, stress-free experience with our dedicated customer service team.


Diverse Cuisines: Say goodbye to the monotony of standard catering. Our chefs craft menus that cater to diverse tastes, leaving everyone impressed.


Timely Delivery: Don't let delayed lunches disrupt your meetings. We guarantee punctual deliveries, so your team can focus on what matters.


Large Event Expertise: Worried about catering large corporate gatherings? Relax; we specialize in accommodating events of all sizes.

Corporate Catering Services

  • Breakfast Catering

  • Lunch Catering

  • Grab-n-Go Catering

  • Boxed Lunch Solutions

  • Seasonal Catering

  • Custom Catering

Our Corporate Catering Offerings

Corporate Lunch Menu: Our extensive corporate lunch menu offers a tantalizing array of options that will satisfy every palate. From a la carte hot options to gourmet sandwiches and healthy salads, we have it all.

Catering Packages: Choose from our carefully curated catering packages to simplify your event planning. Whether it's a breakfast meeting, casual luncheon, or cocktail hour, we have packages that suit your needs.

Buffet-Style Catering: Yes, we do provide buffet-style corporate catering. It's a fantastic way to cater to varied tastes and dietary preferences.

Large Event Accommodation: Absolutely! Our team is well-equipped to handle large corporate events with precision and flair. We can provide buffet service, bartender support (note: Lunch Wired does not provide alcohol), set up and clean up, and equipment rentals such as grills, carving stations, and beverage stations.

Cuisine Variety: We offer a wide range of cuisines for corporate catering, from delectable Italian to exotic Asian dishes. Your options are limitless.


Ready to elevate your corporate events with exceptional catering? Contact us today to discuss your needs and request a quote. Make your next corporate gathering a memorable one with Lunch Wired’s catering services.

Our Catering Concierge Specializes in

  • Event Management

  • Budget Solutions

  • Innovative Menus

  • Programmed Meal Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you provide buffet-style corporate catering?

Yes, we do offer buffet-style corporate catering. It's a popular choice among our clients, allowing them to provide diverse meal options for their guests.


2. Can you accommodate large corporate events?

Absolutely! We have extensive experience in catering to large corporate gatherings. Our team is well-prepared to handle events of any size with finesse and professionalism.


3. What types of cuisines do you offer for corporate catering?

Lunch Wired’s corporate catering menu spans a wide array of cuisines. Whether you're craving Italian, Asian, American, or something else entirely, we have the culinary expertise to meet your preferences.


4. Do you offer individually packaged meals?

Yes! At Lunch Wired, we offer individually packaged meals for an additional charge of $2.50 per meal.

For additional questions, please visit our FAQ page.

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