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Lunch Wired is Coming To You!

Sheltering in place is not easy and feeding a family on a budget while you try to reduce your contact with others just adds to the challenge.

Using our skills as a 5-star caterer specializing in off site and remote dining, Lunch Wired is addressing these challenges by creating a new budget friendly Family Meal menu and backing that up with our innovative Community Drop Off program.

Lunch Wired Community Drop Off

Our “CDO” program is design to address your concerns regarding safety, delivery fees and service charges by implementing our philosophy of “Same time. Same place. Staying Safe”.

Lunch Wired CDO “events” are organized in conjunction with a local community resident who knows their neighbors and acts as our CDO Organizer to help us get the word out.

Lunch Wired is a local, family owned business and since we can’t compete with the likes of Grub Hub and Door Dash in terms of name recognition, we depend on our CDO Organizers to connect us to their neighborhood.

Once we have a CDO Organizer in place, CDO events are scheduled on a regular weekly basis.

Both Lunch Wired and our CDO Organizer then reach out to friends and neighbors in the local community to let them know when their CDO event will take place and what’s new on our Family Meal menu for the current week.

Orders are placed by community members through our website in advance of the event. Then our team delivers to each resident’s door on the scheduled day and time. Each resident is notified by email when their meals have been delivered to their door eliminating social contact and helping everyone stay a safer.

By grouping orders for an entire community into a single CDO “event”, we are able to expand our service area, reduce our costs and pass the savings on by offering our Community Drop Off program free of all delivery, service fee and gratuity charges.

Lunch Wired Family Meals

Our Family Meals are designed specifically to work with our Community Drop Off program.

Lunch Wired Family Meals are not simple “meal kits”. They are complete, value priced restaurant quality prepared meals in a range of flavor profiles to keep the whole family excited about dinner. No fuss. No mess. Just re-heat and serve!

Each Family Meal is created on the day of your CDO event and packaged for refrigerated storage up to 5 days with key components vacuum sealed to preserve freshness. In addition, our Family Meal menu features new items every week to keep things interesting.

All these features make it easy to order dinners for the whole week using our Community Drop Off program and avoid high delivery costs and high contact social exposure.

Safe, convenient, easy to store, easy to prepare, delicious and a great value! What more could you ask?

Sound interesting? Know your neighbors? Lunch Wired Wants You to be a CDO Organizer! We've even got a special reward to show our appreciation for your efforts. Click Here to find out more.



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