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Company Outings - A Lunch Wired Specialty

With summertime fast approaching, your company may be thinking about a company event for employees. With an intense winter behind us, everyone could use the break and now is certainly the time to start your planning!

To help you with your employee event planning, outcome expectation management and ROI analysis, we’ve gathered a curated collection of articles you can find right here.

Whatever you’re planning, indoors or out, offsite or on, Lunch Wired has you covered with our new “Office Picnic” menu!

We’re fully equipped with outdoor grills, flat tops, disposable setups, accessories and an experienced staff that has run employee events for crowds from 25 to 300 at locations up to 25 miles from our kitchens.

Priced per person, every Office Picnic item is easy to order and sure to wow

Getting your budget estimates in place couldn’t be easier. Just go to the Office Picnic page of our Catering menu, let us know who you are, give us your expected guest count, select your service type, entrees and sides and we’ll come back to you with our quote in no time flat.

If you’re not sure what you need or you want to discuss your plans, our Catering Concierge and Brand Ambassador are here to help! They’re both very knowledgeable, experience and have immediate access to our own production and logistics teams so they can make things happen when you need them to.

Concierge Service is available by phone at our Catering Hotline 720-633-9058 or by email at

For Lunch Wired Ambassador Service at your location, call 303-835-7988 ext 4 or email to set up an appointment.

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