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Community Drop Off, Put on Pause

We wanted to personally thank you for participating in our first ever Community Drop Off program at Lunch Wired. We had a great time coming up with fun and delicious Family Meal kits for you and your family to enjoy and hopefully provided you with some "normalcy" at home. More importantly, we realize that your support and "word of mouth" promotion of our CDO programs helped us move through 2020. Unfortunately, we've come the decision to put our CDO program on pause. Starting on January 9th, the CDO program and our Family Meal Kit line will no longer be available. We've realized that our program needs to be adjusted. Our goal is to provide you with a Meal Kit Delivery program that has more variety than what we were previously able to provide and allows us to be more efficient when it comes to delivery. We're hopeful that in the next few months we'll have a better program that suits everyone's needs. Our continued goal is to provide you a delicious restaurant quality meal at home! Lunch Wired is still offering our Catering Menu and Lunch Menu at this time. Please feel free to check out both menus at It goes without saying that the Lunch Wired Family appreciates and thanks you for your continued support! Sincerely,

Jordan Drori


Lunch Wired, LLC



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