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LunchWired Nominated for Best Caterer at 2024 Best of Mile High Awards

At LunchWired, our hearts are full of gratitude! We're thrilled to announce our nomination for Best Caterer for the second year in a row. It's all thanks to our amazing customers who have made this journey possible.

The Best of Mile High Awards

The Best of Mile High Awards is an annual awards program that highlights the best events and places in the Denver Metro area. We're proud to be recognized among the top caterers in Denver. Join us in this prestigious event and make your voice count!

Second Consecutive Nomination

Earning a nomination for the second year in a row is an honor we deeply appreciate. This past year, we've elevated our culinary craft to exceed expectations. Your support drives us to keep providing extraordinary catering experiences!

How to Vote for LunchWired

Your vote can make a difference! Help us secure the win by following these simple steps to cast your vote for LunchWired in the Best Caterer category.

Step 1: Click the Link

Click the provided link to access the voting platform or scan the QR code.

Or Scan the QR code:

Step 2: Choose Dining

Navigate to the Dining category on the voting platform. Find the section dedicated to catering services.

Step 3: Choose Caterer

Spot LunchWired among the impressive list of caterers. Your vote will help us stand out as the best in the catering industry.

Step 4: Select LunchWired

Make it official! Click on LunchWired, and your vote will contribute to our journey of being recognized as Denver's Best Caterer.

Step 5: Share the Excitement

Spread the word! Share this exciting news with friends, family, and colleagues. Your support means the world to us.

Stay Tuned for the Best of Mile High Awards 2024 Results

Last year, LunchWired secured an impressive third-place finish! Your steadfast support has been the driving force behind our success.

As we eagerly anticipate the results of this year's awards, we can't wait to unveil the exciting developments and share the outcome with you. We're excited to celebrate together as we reach new heights in the Best of Mile High awards!



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