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Why You Should Shop Local

There is one question asked daily at my house: what’s for dinner? For many, apps like GrubHub and Uber Eats seem like the obvious answer, especially during the current pandemic. They are contactless by nature and you can find just about anything you might be craving that day. With a few taps of the screen, you can have dinner to your door in no time.

But how does this affect your favorite neighborhood restaurant or the sandwich shop down the street?

These third part apps make money by charging the restaurants outrageous commissions, sometimes upwards of 30% of an order! For some restaurants, this leaves little to no profit and, in some cases, they might be losing money on an order.

These third party apps will list menus without the knowledge or consent of the restaurant. This causes endless confusion for both the restaurant and the consumer. In the past, we have encountered third party drivers come to our location requesting their online orders when no order was submitted to us. There have also been times when we were not aware of an order placed on a third party app until the patron called us directly to make an adjustment. All these scenarios can cause restaurants to lose patrons and income because the patron might have a bad experience or never even receive their delivery.

We are not against third party companies. We choose companies that have the same standards that we have so you get the freshest food when you want it. In the past, our third parties have worked only with our catering menu but that is changing. We are excited to announce a new partnership with our individual menu launching next Monday, November 9, 2020!

So, how do you know where to order from?

Reach out to your local restaurant! If they are working directly with a third party, go ahead! If they have their own ordering platform, it’s best to order directly through the restaurant.

What’s the best way to support Lunch Wired?

Give us a call at (303) 835-7988 x1 or order online through our website at, we will have a link to our new partnership starting next week!

How can you best support your other favorite small local businesses? Give them a call or go directly to their website to place an order. Let’s help keep small businesses afloat by direct support!

Want to read up on third party app issues? Check out these links below:


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