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Micro Cafes: Grab n' Go Fresh Vending Services for Modern Offices

Try something different for your office dining experience with Lunch Wired’s Micro Cafes Grab n' Go Vending services. Say goodbye to mundane office meals and embrace a world of freshness, convenience, and diversity. Our commitment to delivering a hassle-free solution for busy offices ensures that your team stays energized and satisfied.

About Lunch Wired Micro Cafes: Bringing Freshness to Your Office

Imagine the delight of your team as they indulge in snack boxes, savory sandwiches, wraps, and reheatable entrees – all freshly produced in our own kitchen, available in seconds from a vending machine. This is not just lunch; this is an immersive culinary journey, where Lunch Wired transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

Vending Options:

  • Snack boxes such as veggies & hummus and a protein box

  • Lunch Wired Sandwiches, Wraps and Salads 

  • Reheatable entrees such as Chicken Piccata, Italian Sausage Bake and Chicken Teriyaki

  • Beverages upon request

Scheduled Fresh Deliveries for Your Team

With scheduled deliveries every Monday and the flexibility for additional deliveries based on your demand, we cater to the unique needs of your office. Our machines can hold around 60 meals, and the shelf life of all of our items is 5 days. 

Each meal is labeled with best buy dates, item names, product descriptions and special dietary considerations such as Gluten Free and/or Nut Free.

Utilizing State-Of-The-Art RFID Technology

Our Micro Cafes, equipped with state-of-the-art RFID technology, actively monitor product lifespan and inventory levels. This smart inventory management, combined with the Lunch Wired Grab n' Go app, empowers you to effortlessly manage your Micro Cafe. Enjoy the added benefit of employee perks, convenient item viewing, and purchasing options.

Problem-Free Operation for Busy Offices

Worried about operational issues? Leave that to us! Our machine monitoring capabilities include temperature control and power failure alerts, ensuring a problem-free solution for offices like yours. With Lunch Wired, you're not just getting a vending service; you're gaining a reliable partner in enhancing workplace satisfaction.

Employee Benefits and Subsidies

Enhance your office environment with the added advantage of employee benefits through subsidized meals. By utilizing Lunch Wired’s Micro Cafes, employees can enjoy meals at reduced costs, boosting morale and productivity. Companies benefit as well, eliminating the need to offer food directly and dealing with food waste. This efficient solution ensures that everyone in the office is happy and well-fed, without the hassle.

The Lunch Wired Grab n' Go App: Enhancing the Vending Experience

Harness the power of the Lunch Wired Grab n' Go app for real-time monitoring of product lifespan and streamlined inventory management. Our Grab n' Go app takes the experience to the next level. Effortlessly log in to see what's available in local fridges, upload your credit card information, and pay for meals on the go. Check your remaining credit, reload funds, and explore various payment options with ease. View, select, and buy items conveniently – all at your fingertips.

Swift Issue Resolution for a Seamless Experience

Experience the epitome of seamless service with our swift issue resolution feature, designed to ensure your experience remains impeccable. Should any concerns arise, rest assured that Lunch Wired has your back, providing a hassle-free pathway to resolution.

Navigate effortlessly through any issues using our user-friendly app. At the forefront of this resolution journey is the QR code strategically placed above the credit card reader. A mere scan unleashes a world of immediate assistance, connecting you directly with our dedicated customer service team.

Payment Options for Micro Cafes

Flexible payment choices, transparent billing, and the option to pay only upon item retrieval ensure a seamless experience for your guests (Guests are billed only when the item is removed from the machine and the door closes). Choose to swipe or tap your card, or enhance your experience with the Lunch Wired app.

Try Our New Grab N' go Fresh Vending Services!

Ready to transform your office dining experience? Embrace Lunch Wired Micro Cafes Grab n' Go Vending services – where freshness meets convenience, and every product is a delightful experience. Revolutionize your workplace meals today!

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