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Meet Our Lunch Wired Dream Team!

April McMorries - Catering Concierge

April joined the Lunch Wired team back in 2014 as a delivery driver and quickly worked her way up to our Executive Sales Rep. She has worn many hats at Lunch Wired over the years! She is currently our Catering Concierge and is on the front lines each and every day answering phone calls and emails and building the perfect menus for your events!

No two days look alike for April. She might be on the road, at the office, or delivering orders to clients. When at the store, she is always checking orders from start to finish for accuracy and the Driving Team is set for success. She transitions to Homeslice Chip Co in the afternoon and makes sure all orders are filled and delivered. April will always put your needs first to make sure you have the best Lunch Wired experience every time. If you’ve ever called or emailed us, there’s a good chance you’ve spoken with April!

April plays a special role in our company, and it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t thank her for all the work that she did to help us get through these last 18 months.

When she’s not working, April enjoys traveling. Her daughter is her pride and joy!

Her favorite Lunch Wired item is our Parm Garlic Chips, yum!

Doug Mowery - Catering Chef

Doug joined our team in 2019 as a skilled and talented line cook. He has since become our head Catering Chef and works tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure your food arrives perfectly every time! Recently, he has played an integral part in our menu development and operational structure.

On a typical day, Doug works with the culinary team to execute all of the orders to ensure that the expediting team can get your food delivered, hot and on time. Once the day's orders are out the door, Doug begins to work with his team to prepare meals for the following day by creating organization lists and schedules for his team. Doug has also developed relationships with our vendors to purchase our raw materials for all future catering events that we have booked.

When Doug isn't at work, you can find him dirt biking, snowboarding, and going to live concerts.

Doug brings his passion for culinary arts to work every day and is continually honing his skills!

His favorite Lunch Wired menu item? The Fajita Bar!

Tonya Rulla - Lead Expo

Tonya joined the Lunch Wired team in January 2021 as our Lead Expo. She joined the Lunch Wired family as we were trying to navigate a post pandemic world. As such her job has changed depending on the needs of our business. But she has helped mold her position as a key role in the Lunch Wired team.

On a day to day basis, Tonya makes sure your order is complete and out the door for an on-time delivery. When Tonya arrives in the morning, she checks the tickets for the day. She double checks that all of the orders have the proper serving and eating utensils. She then begins collecting the cold food and beverages for each order. Once the delivery drivers arrive, she goes over the orders with each driver and tasks them with collecting the hot food for each order so they can get out the door on time for each delivery. She also gets all of our Homeslice Chip Co. orders delivered in the afternoon! Once the day is done, Tonya routes all the deliveries for the following day and starts gathering all the utensils and dry goods for orders the following day! Tonya’s work is vital to our team’s success because she is the final check point to ensure all of our orders are executed perfectly!

When she's not at work, Tonya spends time with her husband, Paul, driving in the mountains, gambling, bowling, and entertaining friends! She has a daughter who was recently married, a son who is a sophomore at ASU, and another son, Theo, who happens to prepare our Homeslice Chips!

Tonya’s guilty pleasure? The Lemon Bar!

These three key jobs make the Lunch Wired wheels spin daily and we are so fortunate that we have April, Doug, and Tonya as part of our Lunch Wired team.

They truly are the Dream Team!


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