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A Brief History of Lunch Wired

Jordan Drori opened the doors of Lunch Wired in August of 2011 with the goal of making tasty food delivered fast. He began developing the idea after seeing his cousins run a successful business in Florida and, after falling in love with Colorado, wanted to try his hand with a similar concept!

He originally planned to focus on lunch delivery and pick up with items like the Hurry Curry Sandwich and Wired Burger - back in the day when we had burgers! After some time, he attracted the eye of the corporate world with his proximity to DTC and his ability to turn out delicious food fast. Since then, Lunch Wired has become the most successful catering company in the South Denver Metro area and beyond!

Jordan runs Lunch Wired with the help of his family. Jordan’s partner, April, is a jack-of-all-trades in the front of the house and can be found taking orders, answering phones, running deliveries, and anything else that needs to be done to get the food to the customers. Jordan’s dad, Neil, helps build all the software Lunch Wired needs to operate. Jordan’s mom, Phyllis. offers her keen, artistic eye on marketing materials. Tobi, Jordan’s sister, has been involved since the beginning, helping to develop menu items. Now she works full time as the Corporate Controller, making sure everything behind the scenes runs smoothly.

Lunch Wired and the Drori Family look forward to the world returning to a more normal place. We are looking forward to get back to working with our customers so we can show off all the new things we have been working on!

We appreciate all your support this past year and would not have survived without you!

Stay tuned for some exciting new catering programs!


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