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The Future of Corporate Catering

It is an understatement to say that the future of office work is unclear. Many employers and employees find themselves considering their options when confronted with the question – Is it time to go back to the office?

Right now, businesses are asking themselves, what do we need to do to get our teams back into the office so we can get back to normal? Whether it’s increased salaries, health care benefits, or paid time off, one thing is for certain, employees want to be valued.

Lunch Wired may not be able to provide you with larger scale employee benefits like a 401K plan. What we can offer is a benefit that many employees do want, and one that will help them get through their busy workday.

Employees want to be fed!

Offering your employees, a free or company-subsidized meal is a great way to offer an affordable benefit that your team will appreciate! Consider this…according to Forbes, if you offer your team members a free meal per day, you can help them save up to $5,200 per year! That’s the equivalent of a 10% raise on a $50,000 salary . That free meal helps put more money back into their pockets by reducing their personal commuting and lunch costs. More importantly, that free meal is an amenity that will keep your employees happy and motivated throughout their day! An article published by CNBC suggests that employers are seeing free food as a way to help drive team members back to the office and help keep them safe while at work. This helps minimize the amount of delivery drivers in the office, keeping your team safer.

So how does Lunch Wired fit in?


BIZYmeals is the perfect cafeteria replacement model that meets the needs of your staff as well as your budget. Our meal delivery program offers a great solution to those high-cost cafeteria contracts without having to build out a commercial kitchen, provide refrigeration storage, or dealing with endless contracts to be able to provide food to your teams. BIZYmeals is a wonderful way to offer a delicious benefit to all of your employees whether its fully funded by your company or subsidized.

The program is designed to meet budget constraints and menu fatigue while still providing you with the high level of customer service that you have come to expect from our team at Lunch Wired. Through BIZYmeals, we can offer your team a consistent meal solution that is on average, 25% less than the traditional catering options, with no contracts.

Our meal prices start as low as $10.50 per person, and we offer daily chef selected hot and cold menu items for both breakfast and lunch. We can also easily accommodate a minimum head count of 8 people, which is perfect for those staggered workdays.

The BIZYmeals menu is publish once a month with breakfast and lunch options so you can pick and choose the best meals for your office on the days that are convenient for you! The BIZYmeals menu can also accommodate modifications for anyone in your office who may have an allergy such as dairy, nuts or gluten. All BIZYMeal menu options are individually packaged which makes serving lunch a breeze. We can also serve any BIZYmeal menu as a buffet in case there is an event or meeting, you would like us to cater. Our Lunch Wired team expertly prepares your meal from start to finish, ensuring a safe and delicious product.

Gone are the days of paying for an expensive cafeteria that might not get used to its full potential. With BIZYMeals, you can feed your employees when it makes sense for the business. Menu prices are based on total headcount of your group. The larger the group, the lower the price point! You can easily plan out an entire month of meals and not blow your budget with our transparent pricing.

Signing up for BIZYMeals is a breeze! Just go to and fill out a quick form and someone from our team will reach out to you to answer any of your questions and finalize your account setup!

If you have any questions, give us a call at (720) 633-9058 or email us at! Once we have you set up on our easy-to-use Ordering Platform, you can start placing orders online!


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