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"Thanks A Brunch" Giveaway

At Lunch Wired, our focus on catering for the corporate client puts us in constant contact with administrative professionals all day, every day so we really understand how important they are to efficient operations.

In the United States and Canada, the 3rd week of April is Administrative Professionals’ Week which recognizes the important role Admins play in keeping the wheels rolling in Corporate North America.

A Little Bit of History

Culminating in Administrative Professionals’ Day on April 24th, Administrative Professionals Week made it’s first appearance in 1942 with the backing of Mary Barrett, the president of the

National Secretaries Association and C. King Woodbridge who was the president of Dictaphone Corporation at that time.

As a woman in a leadership capacity at a time when women rarely filled such roles, Mary must have been keenly aware of the crucial and frequently underappreciated role Admin’s play in the day to day management of corporate life.

Today, Administrative Professionals are supported by the International Association of Administrative Professionals which offers membership, certification training and scheduled meetings with peers among other benefits, to individuals on this career path.

Here's the Fun Part!

In recognition of Administrative Professionals Week and all the hardworking Admins that our team at Lunch Wired work so closely with, we are inviting all our great Admins to participate in our “Thanks A Brunch” Giveaway.

There’s nothing to sign up for to join in on the fun!

From April 1, 2019 through April 30, 2019, catering orders placed directly with Lunch Wired and delivered during the month of April with a value of $150 or more will be automatically entered into the running.

Place catering orders any way you like, online, by email or go old school and call our Catering Hot Line at 720-633-9058. They all count as an entry!

Then during the 2nd week of May, we will be drawing 1 ticket at random from all the qualifying catering orders placed during April and the winning entry will receive a free catered Lunch Wired Breakfast / Brunch.

"Thanks A Brunch" will be hosted by our Catering Concierge and Brand Ambassador at the winner’s place of work for up to 20 colleagues with a maximum value of $200, to take place between the 3rd week of May and the end of June of 2019!

That’s all there is to it, no fuss, no muss. “Thanks A Brunch” is just Lunch Wired’s way to show our appreciation for everything you do!

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