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Community Drop Off and Pickup Information


Online Orders for Pickup

If you have ordered through our online order portal and your order is for pickup, you will be notified by email as soon as it is ready. Orders placed for same day availability require a 2 hour preparation window but may be available sooner depending on current demands on our production facilities.


Phone Orders for Pickup

Clients ordering by phone will be advised of an approximate pickup time when placing the order.


Community Drop Off Orders

Community Drop Off locations and scheduled delivery times are arranged in advance between Lunch Wired and your Community Drop Off Organizer. Dates and delivery times will be communicated to you by your local Organizer and through our Facebook page. 

Community Drop Off orders are delivered directly to your home if your CDO is set up in a HOA/Neighborhood community! If your CDO is set up at your place of business or other operating establishment, such as daycare centers, orders will be delivered to a centralized location. 

Orders for Community Drop Off need to be placed the day before delivery to ensure proper delivery of fresh, quality products at all times.

How To Arrange for a Community Drop Off

Lunch Wired would be delighted to add your neighborhood or place of business to our Community Drop Off program! 


What makes a good CDO Community? 

  • If you live in a residential community and are well connected with your neighbors you'd be a great CDO Organizer!

  • Do you have a place of business interested in providing easy access meals to your employees?

  • Do you run a childcare center with parents looking for some additional help when it comes to meal planning?

Community Drop Off is designed to provide your community or business with a convenient, safe, and affordable meal option that is delivered to your home or central location. There are NO delivery, service or gratuity charges when you use our Community Drop Off program. Items available to purchase through our CDO program include our Family Meals menu and our Grocery Basics line. Orders are delivered weekly at the same time and place.  Our program also protects both you, and our team members during these unprecedented time by limiting social contact. 

If the Lunch Wired Community Drop Off program sounds like it will work for you, please reach out to us with your HOA/Neighborhood information or place of business so we can set up a CDO for you and your community.

Thank you for trusting Lunch Wired to keep you fed and healthy in this unprecedented situation.

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