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Welcome to the new Lunch Wired Corporate Catery experience!

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

The new Lunch Wired site provides a clear message of who we are and where our values lie in providing an exclusive catered experience time and time again. Our new platform showcases our role as leaders in the Corporate Catering industry focusing on the needs of our corporate audience.

The website is built on a responsive framework designed to work seamlessly on any device making Lunch Wired accessible to you while on the go or at the office. It also offers enhanced security by using the https protocol. In conjunction with our new responsive web design, our online order portal is now easier to use and to find for both our Catering and Individual menus with call to action buttons on the homepage, catering page and individual page. It features a straightforward order platform for pick up or delivery options. Inherently, we have made your purchasing options easier to navigate and to use. From the aesthetics point of view, the site now exhibits a clean and modern design with intuitive and consistent site wide navigation system and improved menu functionality to help get you the information that is most relevant to your needs.

We have introduced an array of new content to our website, including new submenus highlighting our varying product selections from Breakfast, Lunch and Evening catering menus to our individual selections. More importantly, we have improved the structure of our content to increase the impact without the time commitment. Going forwards, we will continue to communicate with our new communication channels and our integrated blog.

The site is visually focused bringing real images of past events to help to articulate the quality of our food and customer focused service. We are most excited about the exclusive access to our Catering Concierge. The Catering Concierge page directly links you with our customer service team to help you make the right decision about your catering needs. It also features photos of past events with Lunch Wired and tasting request form for our new catering clients.

We are very proud of our new website and believe it will create the experience you are looking for when you use our service. Our continued goal is to provide unparalleled customer service, elevate your catering experience make your catering needs stress free. Check out the website here at



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