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How are the meals prepared?

Meals are made fresh on the day of pick-up.  Meals will stay good in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.


How soon after I place my order can I pick up my meals?

Orders are available 2 hrs after purchase.  If meals become available sooner we will contact you.

How late can I put in an order for the current day?

Orders are accepted for current day until 4 pm for a 6 pm pick-up time. Orders are accepted as early as 7 am for a 9am pick up time. 

Are the containers oven safe?

No currently the containers are not oven safe. Containers are microwave safe!

Are eating utensils included in the price?

In order to limit the price point and disposables consumption eating utensils and paper goods are not included but are available for additional cost.

Do you offer delivery?

We do not offer specific home delivery at this time.  If you live in a rental community or have an established HOA with a central office we offer a bulk delivery service.  Meals are packed by order.  Please call (720)292-6174 or (720)633-9058 for more details and to set up service.


  • If your interested in our bulk delivery service for your community please contact us            (720)292-6174 , (720)633-9058 or info@lunchwired.com with community information and details 

  • If your community has signed up with a daily meal delivery service your meals will arrive at the predetermined drop off time in a centrally located area.  Usually, a community office or gathering area. 

  • Once you have selected items in your cart and are ready to check out please selected the community you live in with the predetermined drop off time. This will alert our team to schedule your delivery

  • Community bulk delivery is currently FREE.  There is no gratuity and no service fee. 

Community family meal delivery