Lucy's Pantry

Take home your favorite Lunch Wired Specialties and add something special to your home made meals.  All Lucy's Pantry products are hand crafted in our own kitchens using the best stuff and no presevatives.  

Wired Dressings are hand crafted in Lunch Wired sized 16 oz. jars and Wired Croutons are available in 16 oz. bags.  Add the Lunch Wired difference to your own salads!  Wired Spreads are great on your own "sammiches" and make a great marinade.  Grab a humungous bag of our famous Wired Chips to share with family and friends.  You can even join the Wired Team with official Lunch Wired Garb.

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Order Lucy's Pantry products from our online or by phone with your next breakfast, lunch or catering order! 



16 oz. Wired Dressings
6 oz. Wired Spreads
11 oz. Wired Chips
Lunch Wired Aprons
Lunch Wired Ball Caps

16 oz. Wired Dressings

16 oz. Wired Dressings

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